Trumping the Incumbent

As principled Republicans recoil from the latest outrage perpetrated by their presidential candidate, the spotlight falls on the elected members of the Grand Old Party who won’t repudiate the dirty old man at the top of the ticket who has repeatedly demonstrated what a disaster he’d be for the country, if he were to occupy the White House. Sadly, I must add my opponent, Assemblyman Andrew Raia, to that list because he told me in front of the Newsday editorial board that he is supporting Donald Trump. And he’d earlier hosted Gov. John Kasich at the Paramount for a Fox-aired town hall before the presidential primary. At least Kasich knew enough to let the poor folks in Ohio gain some health insurance coverage from Obamacare. But Kasich let Ohio women down by defunding Planned Parenthood. How Raia can look women in the eye in the 12th District and justify backing Trump is beyond me.

But then my preference has been clear in this race for more than a year.



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